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Kal has products in the following categories.
AcidophilusAdrenal CareAlfalfa
Alpha Lipoic AcidAmino Acid CombinationsAmino Acids
AntioxidantsApple Cider VinegarApple Pectin
Baby CareBeta GlucanBetaine HCl
BioflavonoidsBiotinBone & Joint Support
Bone SupportBovine CartilageBrewer's Yeast
BromelainCalciumCalcium & Magnesium
Calcium CombinationsCaprylic AcidCarnitine
CarnosineCharcoalChildren's Vitamins & Herbs
ChitosanChlorophyllCholesterol Support
CholineCholine & InositolChromium
CLACoenzyme Q10Collagen
Colon Care & CleansersColostrumConstipation Support
Coral CalciumDental (Oral) CareDeodorant
DHEADietDigestion & Intestinal Support
Digestion SupportDL-Phenylalanine(DLPA)DMAE
Ear CareEchinaceaEnergy Support
Enzyme FormulasEssential Fatty AcidsEssential Fatty Acids (EFA) Combinations
Evening Primrose OilEye CareFacial Creams - Anti-Aging/Wrinkle
Fat Burners/LipotropicsFiberFish Oil - Cod Liver
Fish Oil - General/CombinationsFlax Seed OilFolic Acid
Glucosamine & ChondroitinGlucosamine CombinationsGlucose / Blood Sugar Support
GlutamineGrapefruit PectinGrapefruit Seed Extract
GuaranaHair SupportHeadache & Migraine Support
HomocysteineImmune System SupportInositol
IronJoint SupportKelp
KidsLecithinLip Care
MagnesiumMagnesium & PotassiumMalic Acid
ManganeseMelatoninMemory Support
Men's Sexual Well-beingMineralsMiscellaneous
MolybdenumMSMMultivitamins and Minerals-General
Multivitamins-TeenMultivitamins-Women'sN-Acetyl Cysteine
NADHOleo-Gum-ResinOmega 3
PapayaPhosphatidyl CholinePMS Support
PotassiumProbiotic CombinationsProgesterone
Pycnogenol (Pine Bark)QuercetinQuercetin Complex
Red Yeast RiceResveratrolRutin
SAM-eSeleniumShark Cartilage
SilicaSinus CareSleep Support
SODSports Supplements & VitaminsSt John's Wort
SteviaStomach SupportStress Support
Tea Tree OilTheanineTMG
Trace MineralsTurmeric (Curcumin)Tyrosine
VanadylVein CareVision Support
Vitamin AVitamin A & DVitamin B
Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine)Vitamin B-12Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin)
Vitamin B-3 (Niacinamide/Niacin)Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid)Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine)
Vitamin CVitamin CVitamin C-Liquid/Powder/Other
Vitamin DVitamin EVitamin E Combinations
Vitamin E DryVitamin E GeneralVitamin K
VitaminsVitexWater Retention Support
Women's CareWomen's Sexual Health SupportZinc
Zinc Lozenges
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