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Men Over 40 DailyFoods - Vegetarian

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Men Over 40

  • Nourishes and Supports the Health of the Whole Body.*
  • Strengthening foundational formula delivers optimal potencies of 100% whole foods and organic herbs for life
  • Promotes Immune Health and Well-Being*
  • Protective array of carotenoids and antioxidants from colorful whole foods and organic herbs
  • East-to-Digest even on an empty stomach
  • Tested FREE of Pesticides, Herbicides, Gluten and Soy
  • Men Over 40
    Promotes True Health and Vigor*

    This 100% whole food formula is ideal for men over forty seeking the most comprehensive nutritional support for peak performance and well-being.* A variety of organic herbs with restorative and strengthening properties are included to promote the health of the whole body. Key inclusions of 100% whole food zinc, mixed carotenoids from carrot, saw palmetto berry, wild blueberry and nettles are also included to support prostate health.* The formula includes a gentle enzyme blend to support digestive health and function.*

    You are a man over 40.

    You are thinking about your future health. Your sex life, your energy levels, your prostate, your heart, your immune system, stress and aging in general.

    It's time to act. Get the DailyFoods® Advantage you need now.

    Prevent deterioration in your general health while you are still running on all cylinders.

    Men over 40™ DailyFoods® is a winning nutrient combination specifically formulated to prevent and repair.

    Experience the Cold Fusion™ FoodState® Difference.

    Cold Fusion™ FoodState® Vitamins and Minerals:
    From Vitamin A to the Prostate mineral Zinc. Every essential Vitamin,Mineral, Macro Nutrient and Micro Nutrient is supplied in its most bioavailable form, 100% Whole Food as Cold Fusion™ FoodState® Nutrients developed by Durham Research, Inc.

    Whole Herb Extracts:
    Carefully selected from revered herbs that have been proven through time. Assist in adaptation to stress, possess powerful free radical scavenging activity and act as tonics for every system of a man’s body. Many of these precious botanicals have multiple anti-aging components, not found in most diets, that protect and promote vitality.

    Saw Palmetto Berry:
    Traditionally used as a male tonic. Clinical studies demonstrate that Saw Palmetto supports Prostate Health and Function.[1]

    Eleuthero Root, Ashwagandha, and Schizandra:
    Male vitality tonics, delivered as concentrated extracts, that enhance stamina, endurance and general well being.[1]

    Hawthorn Berry, Leaf and Flower, Ginger Root, Reishi Mushroom, Cold Fusion™ FoodState® Vitamin E:
    To Support Cardiovascular Health.[1]

    Phytonutrient Rich Whole Foods:
    The Health Supporting Carotenoids, Lycopene and Lutein, naturally occur in concentrated Tomato and Kale.

    [1]: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Suggested Use:
    6 tablets daily, depending on lifestyle. DailyFoods® Cold Fusion™ FoodState® nutrients are 100% Whole FOOD and can be taken at any time throughout the day, even on an empty stomach.

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size 6 Tablets
    Amount per Serving % Daily Value
    Vitamin A (from 20 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®)5000 IU 100
    Vitamin C (from 1000 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®)250 mg 417
    Vitamin D3 (from 8 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®)400 IU 100
    Vitamin E (from 800 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®)200 IU 667
    Vitamin K1 (from 7 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®)65 mcg 81
    Thiamine (B-1) (from 20 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®)5 mg 333
    Riboflavin (B-2) (from 50 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®)5 mg 294
    Niacinamide (from 120 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®)30 mg 150
    Vitamin B-6 (from 50 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®)10 mg 500
    Folic Acid (from 40 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®)400 mcg 150
    Vitamin B-12 (from 10 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®)50 mcg 833
    Biotin (from 60 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®)300 mcg 100
    Pantothenic Acid (from 80 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®)20 mg 200
    Calcium (from 2000 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®)100 mg 10
    Iodine (from 7 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®) 100 mcg 67
    Magnesium (from 2000 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®) 100 mg 25
    Zinc (from 400 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®) 20 mg 133
    Selenium (from 50 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®) 50 mcg 71
    Copper (from 50 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®) 500 mcg 25
    Manganese (from 40 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®) 2 mg 100
    Chromium (GTF) (from 25 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®) 50 mcg 42
    Molybdenum (from 25 mg Cold Fusion™ FoodState®) 50 mcg 67
    Phenolic/Bioflavonoid Fruit Concentrate
    Amount per Serving
    Cold Fusion™ FoodState® Citrus 280 mg
    Cold Fusion™ FoodState® Wild Blueberry 15 mg

    Additional Cold Fusion™ FoodState® Nutrients
    Amount per Serving
    Beta Carotene 5000 IU
    Choline 30 mg
    Inositol 15 mg
    Potassium 10 mg
    Boron 1 mg
    Sulfur 1 mg
    Vanadium 50 mcg
    Phytonutrient Rich Superior Foods
    Amount per Serving
    Alfalfa Leaf 75 mg
    Hydrilla verticillata 50:1 75 mg
    Laminaria Sea Vegetable Blend 75 mg
    Barley Grass Concentrate 75 mg
    Pumpkin Seed 4:1 45 mg
    Advanced Phytonutrient & Antioxidant Factors
    Amount per Serving
    Kale Concentrate 15:1 100 mg
    Tomato Concentrate 4:1 75 mg
    Blueberry Concentrate 6:1 50 mg
    Reishi Mushroom Mycelia Extract 7:17 mg
    Shiitake Mushroom 4:1 7 mg
    Tonic Whole Herb Extracts
    Amount per Serving
    Saw Palmetto Berry 5:1 80 mg
    Ashwagandha 4:1 45 mg
    Eleuthero Root 5:1 45 mg
    Schizandra Berry 4:1 45 mg
    Hawthorn Berry 4:1 25 mg
    Hawthorn Leaf & Flower 4:1 25 mg
    Bilberry Fruit 5:1 25 mg
    Rosemary Leaf 4:1 25 mg
    Wild Green Oat Seed 4:1 25 mg
    Nettle Leaf 4:1 20 mg
    Turmeric Root 10:1 20 mg
    Dandelion Leaf 4:1 10 mg
    Dandelion Root 4:1 10 mg
    Licorice Root 4:1 7 mg
    Nutrient Potentiators
    Amount per Serving
    Lecithin (naturally containing 56-60% Linoleic Acid, 6-8% Linolenic Acid) 75 mg
    Ginger Root 5:1 50 mg
    Cumin Seed 3 mg
    Black Pepper 3 mg
    Plant Enzymes
    Amount per Serving
    Amylase, Protease, Bromelain & Papain 25 mg
    Other Ingredients
    Vegetable Lubricant, Silica, Food Glaze.



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  • Men Over 40 DailyFoods - Vegetarian
    MegaFood Men Over 40 DailyFoods - Vegetarian
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