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Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500mg

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Much of our age-related decline is preventable or reversible: numerous clinical studies demonstrate that geriatric animals — some literally at death’s door — can be revitalized, mentally and physically, using carnitine and lipoic acid. Dr. Bruce Ames, a highly-respected scientist at the University of California, put it best: “With the two supplements together, these old rats got up and did the Macarena. The brain looks better, they are full of energy — everything we looked at looks more like a young animal.” (LifeLink offers lipoic acid; please ask for an information sheet or visit our Website.) This miraculous transformation has to do with the mitochondria, the power plant for all of our cells.

Fuel, from food and body fat, is ferried into the cells’ many mitochondria by a molecule called carnitine and burned for energy. As we get older, or eat too many calories that must be metabolized, the mitochondria become inefficient, producing less energy and more metabolic toxins like free radicals. Eventually, they start dying. The result is fatigue and muscle weakness, heart irregularities, mental confusion, corrupted DNA, and, possibly, cancer. We call these effects aging. Carnitine supplementation restores mitochondrial efficiency and rolls back the effects of aging, providing cells with more energy and fewer metabolic toxins. Boosting carnitine levels is highly beneficial, but somewhat tricky.

Most carnitine originates in food, typically meat, but small amounts are made in the liver, kidneys, and brain. Supplementing, however, requires the proper form. The difficulty is that carnitine can be made in two mirror-image structures: the L (left) and the R (right). Many bioactive molecules synthesize in two ways; our bodies only make and use the L form. (Cheap supplements contain both L and R to reduce manufacturing costs. The R either interferes with the body’s use of the L or has far weaker activity.) But even L-carnitine isn’t an ideal supplement because of its poor absorption. The solution? LifeLink’s acetyl-L-carnitine, the beneficial, and highly absorbable, L-carnitine complex!

Dramatically improving mitochondrial output — boosting muscle strength and endurance, heart performance, and helping to burn excess body fat — and lowering oxidative stress, acetyl-L-carnitine reduces and repairs nerve damage from medication, diabetes, AIDS, and repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers report that acetyl-L-carnitine relieves symptoms. By increasing neurotransmitters and protecting neurons, it may help those with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, neurodegenerative ailments like ALS and MS, and depression.

Taken up by the body with ease, acetyl-L-carnitine flows into your cells and crosses the blood-brain barrier. If you want to try to rejuvenate and supercharge your muscles, heart, nerves, and brain — and roll back the effects of aging! — try LifeLink’s acetyl-L-carnitine. Even if you aren’t a geriatric lab animal, but only feel like one. (Macarena optional.)

Pronunciation: acetyl-L-carnitine (ass-SEE-till ELL CAR-nih-teen), mitochondria (my-toh-KAHN-dree-ah). Note: the singular is “mitochondrion”.



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