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Alive Skin Crème with Pro-Derm

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ALIVE Skin Creme contains the purest essence available of 33 natural ingredients, some of them so exclusive that they are found in no other creme in the world.

Exclusive is a propriatary blend which took 40

years to develop in Rumania. It is renowned for its anti-aging properties. The ALIVE Skin Creme is a must for any individual who dislikes greasy preparations or has not time for lengthy facial measures or beauty procedures. Here is a creme that combines all into one and culminates in the ultimate for make-up moisturizers, eye cremes, night cremes and even sunscreens.

ALIVE Skin Creme w/Pro-Derm is hpyo-allergenic, contains no fragrance, is 5.5 pH balanced, and is excellent for all skin types.

lngredients in ALIVE Skin Creme

Proprietary Blend:
This will break down the collagen so that it can be absorbed into the skin. Collagen is present in your skin and tissues, and provides a connective web for the skin, bones, muscles and ligaments. Wrinkling and sagging are signs of the web breaking down. Procaine Hydrochloride carries the other 32 special ingredients through to the tissue where it can revitalize the cell., It is used in these exclusive skin products for its beautification effects.

Superoxide Dismutase ( SOD ): As an enzyme, SOD carries out its function in ALIVE Skin Creme by activating the other beauty ingredients so that better results can be obtained. It is an expensive product which costs about $180.00 a kilo. OCTYL DIMETHYL PABA: This organic compound utilizes a protective ingredient to screen out harmful light rays that cause skin to wrinkle and age, and is far superior to ordinary PABA ( Para Amino Benzoic Acid) found in many sunscreen products on the market today.

Aloe Vera: The herb, Aloe Vera has been used for years to assist in softening the complexion yet toning the skin.

RNA and DNA: These are the basic proteins inherent in every cell, and their presence has a great deal to do with how beautiful your skin appears.

Montmorillonite Clay: This expensive clay, full of valuable minerals, is known for its skin beautifying qualities. Used in some of the most exclusive cremes sold throughout the world, it produces a superior facial masque, yet is gentle in its toning effect. It is responsible for the tightening effect you will feel upon application, hence, your skin will feel a little taut.

Essence of Coconut Oil, Wheat Germ, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil And Purified Lanolin OiL: With these ingredients it is known that their essence is especially hypo-allergenic, and provide the most excellent emollients for the softening and smoothing of the complexion.

Skin aging is primarily the loss of essential moisturizing agents and the degeneration of the cells. The result is that young skin gives way to the"wrinkle process", a collapse of the connecting cells maintaining smooth, supple skin. The presence of collagen in ALIVE Skin Creme will assist in promoting a more youthful appearing skin tone.

Elastin: The age of skin is measured by its resilience. Just as an elastic band loses its tensile strength, thus the skin loses the elasticity of youth. It sags, fine lines form, and finally wrinkles appear. The connective under structure of skin cells require elastin to maintain the taut, firm network that supports the skin. Thus, elastin is considered a vital asset to ALIVE Skin Creme.

Vitamins and Minerals: Specific vitamins such as Vitamin C, E, A, and D are present in ALIVE in extra quantity because of their outstanding skin-beauty-care benefits.

Creme Stabilizers and Preservatives: Basic to any face creme is the necessity for stabilizers and preservatives so that the creme does not readily break down into its individual components, turn rancid or get moldy. All the stabilizers in ALIVE Skin Creme are of natural source. Many have a dual purpose and even serve as emulsifiers, emollients (softeners), humectants (moisture absorbers), texturing agents and even as preservatives. sorbitol is not only a preservative but it is also an excellent humectant and extremely useful as a binder and texturizing agent.

Treatment cremes delay the effects of aging. They protect against moisture loss, increasing the rate of cell renewal and slow down the normal process of aging.

When you have a creme of the highest quality, you can "tell all" with regard to it formulation. We are proud of every ingredient chosen.

ALIVE Skin Creme is a creme you can truly believe in; one that combines not only the secrets of the ages, but also those of today's most advanced technology.

As already noted, there has been no compromise in the quality of each ingredient, and ALIVE products are truly the ultimate in skin care today.

With the ALIVE product guarantee of satisfaction, you cannot afford to pass by the utmost in quality. Even those with troubled skins have extolled its virtues. You do not need a dozen different items. ALIVE skin care products helps to balance the pH factor of the skin, thus making it 'possible for all skin types to benefit from the program.



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