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Why Do I Need An Iodine Supplement?

Iodine deficiency is responsible for so many symptoms of illness including fatigue, aches and pains, weight

gain, memory loss and so much more! Not only is iodine vital for the production of thyroid hormones,

you also need it to produce every other hormone in your body! Once your thyroid gland has the iodine it

needs, the excess is used by other tissues, such as your nasal cavities, gut, breasts, stomach, bones and

connective tissue! Your immune system must have iodine to function properly. Additionally, iodine is

used by the body for its antibacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-cancer properties. Unfortunately, iodine

deficiency is a major issue affecting over one billion people worldwide! The problem we all face in this day and

age is that iodine, unlike vitamins and minerals, is not present in adequate amounts in most foods. But

now there’s TriMedica’s Thyadine™, a remarkable new Colloidal Iodine that absorbs better and faster

than any other form of iodine on the market today!

All iodine comes from one of two sources, either kelp or brines (saltwater/seawater). When kelp is heated it

precipitates as iodine metal or “elemental iodine,” which takes the form of purple flakes. Because this

elemental iodine isn’t stable, it’s usually combined with another element, for example potassium (potassium

iodide) or ammonia (ammonia iodide), which stabilizes the iodine and forms what is called an “iodine salt.” All

forms of iodine salt are equal, none is better than another — it is just a way to stabilize the iodine, which is the

active part of the salt.

Why Is Thyadine™ Better?

Your body needs iodine in its simplest form to make thyroid hormone, but iodine salts are harder for your body

to use, as they need to be broken down first, before the iodine can be utilized. Unlike potassium or ammonia

iodide (the commonly sold iodine supplements), TriMedica’s Thyadine™ is a totally unique Colloidal

Iodine. The colloidal process stabilizes the iodine without forming an iodine salt.

This means that you get iodine in its purest, most elemental dietary form, that doesn’t have to be broken

down in the body, making it easier than ever for you to absorb and utilize the iodine so critical to your health.

Not only that, Thyadine™ Colloidal Iodine is 99% absorbable so it quickly assimilates, producing often

immediate results in energy, focus and weight loss related to iodine deficiency.


• The First Colloidal Iodine PLUS


• Absorbs Better & Faster Than Any

Other Iodine!

• Fast, Effective Results For:

Fatigue Cold Hands & Feet

Weight Gain Memory Loss

Bloating … And More!

Plus, Thyadine™ contains key homeopathic remedies

including: Fucus Vesiculosis, Spongia Tosta and Thyroid 30c.

These powerful homeopathics plus pure colloidal iodine make

Thyadine™ your best and only choice for iodine supplementation!

TriMedica’s Thyadine™ provides you with:

Colloidal Iodine from sea kelp. 99% absorbable for

maximum benefits!

Fucus Vesiculosis (homeopathic) for obesity, poor

digestion, constipation and dietary iodine deficiency.

Spongia Tosta (homeopathic) improves thyroid

function and relieves fatigue.

Thyroid (homeopathic) improves thyroid function, relieves

cold hands and feet, improves weight loss and fatigue.



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