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Natural Cotton Straight Maternity Pads Regular

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Natural Cotton Straight Maternity Pads, Regular, 10 Count

“For the brand new mother who cares, don’t forget to pack your hospital bag with Maxim Maternity pads. These unique 100% natural cotton post-birth pads are the ideal way to stop that heavy post-labor flow. Unlike conventional brands that use synthetics, our innovative cotton hypoallergenic pads are softer, more breathable and chemical free, providing your body with the most intimate care and irritation free. They have a smooth cotton surface for added comfort, natural breathable layers admitting air flow to the skin for added dryness and no adhesive is used to make it extra safe for open wounds prevalent after birth or surgery. Set the right examples for your newborn and try a product that not only cares for your body, but cares for the earth as well.”

Maxim Maternity Pads are:

  • Made with 100% Natural Cotton - A more naturally breathable fiber that’s better for your Body, Earth and Health!
  • Chlorine/Dioxin Free – Keeping carcinogens away from your most intimate body parts.
  • Synthetic Free – For a Softer, Non-Irritable, and Plastic-less feel and Real Cotton Experience.
  • Hypoallergenic/Irritation Free – No more rashes, even for those with the most sensitive skin.
  • Biodegradable – Decomposes quickly, safely and naturally in our landfills.
  • Wood Fluff Pulp Free – Uniquely Saving our Forest Trees!
  • Straight Shape and Long Length – Better use for wounded area.
  • Liquid-Locking Absorbent Core – Secure against leaks.
  • Recommended Use – After birth or surgical procedures or during extra heavy flow days.

Product Summary:

Maxim products use the naturally unique characteristics of cotton to provide a Soft, Safe and Natural Solution to existing health and environmental risks and concerns associated with the use and production of conventional Tampons, Sanitary Pads, Pantiliners and Cosmetic Cotton Puff Products.

Maxim Maternity pads are made with 100% Natural Cotton. Cotton is a more breathable and renewable material than the ingredients used in most other conventional brands, making for a Softer, Safer and more Natural product. Most other brands use a blend of Synthetics and Wood Fluff Pulp bleached with Chlorine. Our products are completely Chlorine, Synthetic and Wood Fluff Pulp Free and our natural cotton is whitened and disinfected with Hydrogen Peroxide instead of Chlorine to avoid exposure to harmful chemical Dioxin residues. We steer clear of using harsh chemical materials affecting the safety of our health and earth.

Maxim goes further in environmentally sound practices by being the only brand to eliminate the use of tree farmed wood fluff pulp to make the absorbent cores of sanitary pads. Instead, we use pure natural cotton in order to help prevent the abuse and destruction of our natural forests to make wood fluff pulp. Cotton is a more renewable crop that can be harvested once a year, whereas trees take 6 – 12 years to grow. Also, once the trees are harvested and cut down, they go through a very harsh chemical treatment in order to break them down in to the cotton-like and looking absorbent core you’re used to seeing in other pads. Do not be fooled - even though it looks like cotton, it might not actually be cotton.

All of these qualities combined, make our Maternity pads Hypoallergenic/Irritation Free. Additional product features include a smooth cotton surface for added comfort, natural breathable layers admitting air flow to the skin for added freshness. This is the only item on our line where no adhesives are used in order to keep things extra safe and stick-free next to open wounds prevalent after birth or surgery.


100% Natural Cotton Absorbent Core, Breathable Natural Cotton Interlace Cover Sheet, Impermeable Leak Protection Back Layer.


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