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Opti-Pack No Iron

By: Super Nutrition

UPC Code: 033739001239

Price: $45.07


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Opti-Pack No Iron
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Pack 30 Day $60.10 25 $45.07
SuperNutrition was founded in 1977 to gather and distribute the information about breakthroughs in the biochemistry of aging. The Opti-Pack is a product of this ongoing research.

Some premature aging may be accelerated by nutritional deficiencies. Some kinds of stress may deplete nutrients. Some people may have higher genetic vitamin needs than the RDA's ("vitamin dependencies").

The orthomolecular potency of the Opti-Pack is designed and biochemically-balanced to help reduce the possibility of premature aging from nutritional deficiencies, hereditary needs for higher potencies of vitamins and minerals, and lifestyle stresses that may deplete nutrients.
The Opti-Pack is also designed to nutritionally support optimal health, strength, energy and well-being for everyone, including:
  • men and women of all ages
  • people with high-stress lifestyles
  • people with high energy needs



  • A vitamin formula you can really feel
  • A no-compromise formula that you can really afford


    It's here! The SuperNutrition Opti-Pack is everything you've been looking for and more...

    The high potency Opti-Pack balance is super complete and includes:

  • 1. Full Potencies Of The Body's Own Natural Anti-Aging AntiOxidant Family
         Beta Carotene (15,000 IU)
         Vitamin A (500 IU)
         Vitamin E (800 IU)
         Selenium (250 mcg)
         Vitamin C (1200 mg)
    Bioflavonoids (300 mg)
    Hesperidin (30 mg)
    Rutin (15 mg)
    Methionine (250 mg)
    Cysteine (300 mg)

    *The FDA recognizes only Vitamins E, C and Beta-Carotene as "direct-acting antioxidants. SuperNutrition makes no claims that the other nutrients with generally-recognized antioxidant-like activity in the above list are FDA-recognized "direct-acting antioxidants".

    2. A Super Potency Complete B-Complex
    In the same unique biochemical balance prescribed by nutritional doctors to feed your energy metabolism during the stress of a fast-paced lifestyle, including:
    • 300 mg of our low-flush, fast-release niacin for its nutritional energizing effect. (Also available niacin-free, using niacinamide instead.)
    • 300 mg of Pantothenic Acid.
    • 50 mg of Choline.
    • 250 mg of Vitamin B6.
    3. Vitamin C And Its Natural Co-Nutrients
    Rose Hips, Bioflavonoids, Hesperidin and Rutin to help Vitamin C do its job efficiently.
    4. A High Potency Multi-Mineral Formula
    Full balanced levels of all the essential minerals including
    • 700 mg of Magnesium.
    • 40 mg of Zinc.
    • 250 mcg of Selenium.
    • All 72 major natural trace minerals.
    • 250 mcg of Chromium.
    • Iron Carbonyl, the safest form of Iron.

    5. Optimal Nutrient Balance
    Perhaps the most important feature of the Opti-Pack formula is the nutrient balance. The Opti-Pack was developed in 1979 after three years of research in orthomolecular principals and clinically rebalancing body chemistry with over 300 people. The Opti-Pack nutrients were carefully designed and balanced so that your body optimally absorbs and utilizes the formula for the maximum possible strengthening and balancing effects.
    6. Maximum Digestibility And Absorption
    Opti-Packs contain mineral absorption aids, Betaine HCI and Glutamic Acid HCI, plus over 1000 mg of fiber which absorbs moisture in your stomach and expands to ensure that the tablets break apart rapidly.
    7. Clinically Hypo-allergenic Nutrient Sources
    Opti-Packs contain only vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other natural body-chemistry nutrients.
    • The nutrient molecules in Opti-Packs are identical to those in fruits and vegetables.

    • They come from a variety of sources but do not include sources that commonly cause allergies.
    Contains no: dairy, wheat, sugar, yeast, buckwheat, gluten, soy, corn residues, pollen, or any hidden additives.

    Opti-Packs Really Do Work!

    The Opti-Pack orthomolecular nutrient balance was designed for men and women of all ages, and, it's so effective that, like a whole food...if it's given to many different people, everyone experiences its benefits in their own personal way:

    "After taking the Opti-Pack for 20 years, I can still run rings around my friends half my age. And I never get sick!"
    Marilyn Zurek, Retired Teacher

    "I have been taking your Opti-Pack since the 70's and I can very honestly attest to the fact that I NEVER catch any of the bugs that are attacking my friends and neighbors."
    Dick Raeber, Food Broker

    "My family and my athletes love Opti-Pack daily vitamins."
    Dragomir Cioroslan, Coach,
    U.S. National Weightlifting Team,
    Olympic Bronze Medalist 1984

    Longtime customers report consistent improvements in feelings about their mood, sense of well being, and overall health.
  • See our study of 1800 SuperNutrition users.

    The Best Formula For Everyone?

    ""There are a lot of differently targeted products on the market, 'Immune Packs,' 'Athlete's Packs,' 'Women's Packs,' etc. The Opti-Pack is the most honest and the most intelligently designed formula for everybody. Whether you're an athlete, or just someone concerned with your well-being, the Opti-Pack will satisfy your needs better then any of the 'specialized' products."
    --Patricia Lennox, Certified Nutritionist (N.I.N.E.)

  • Scientifically . . .
    The Opti-Pack was designed to nutritionally increase metabolic efficiency at the cellular level for maximum cellular efficiency, and to slow some of the signs and effects of premature aging that could occur from hidden nutritional deficiencies, special personal genetically-based vitamin needs or life stresses that could accelerate premature aging.

    On A Practical Level...

    Our Experience.....
    In a 15% Sampling of 1800 SuperNutrition users 61% to 88% reported 5 to 7 personal improvements in their health, energy, endurance memory, mental clarity and well-being. All were using the Opti-Pack as the basis for their vitamin regimen. Many, but not all, were taking extra niacin.

    For most people this was the first time they were ever able to really feel their vitamins working. Imagine what the Opti-Pack can do for you?

    Our Guarantee of Effectiveness
    We can't guarantee that every one will feel those benefits, but we're so sure you will that we offer you our 25-year-old ironclad guarantee:
    If within 30 days, you haven't experienced personal improvements in your health, energy, endurance, memory, mental clarity or well being beyond any other vitamin you've ever taken, we'll gladly refund your money at the point of purchase.
    The World's Best Vitamin Value
    Imagine all the features you've just read about at a price that's really affordable to you! The Opti-Pack is the highest potency, best balanced vitamin formula in the world, yet, because SuperNutrition is primarily a private anti-aging research company and takes only about half of the "normal" corporate-level profit, the Opti-Pack gives you more nutrient value per penny per milligram than any other vitamin formula in the world, and is the world's best buy.

    Opti-Packs Really Do Give You
    More For Your Money!
    As you check the Opti-Pack ingredients list, you will see that Opti-Packs give the highest, fully-safe and most effective multi-vitamin potency in the world, but at the lowest nutrient cost of any multi-vitamin on the market. You can compare and see. Just ask for the SuperNutrition multi-vitamin cost comparison sheet at your local health and natural food store.

    Serving Size 1 Packet of 6 Tablets Each
    Servings per Box 30

    1 Gray
    Yellow- Orange
    2 Gray
    3 Gray
    Vitamin A (As Natural Vitamin A Palmitate) IU 166 3.3% 333 6.6% 500 10%
    Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) MG 400 667% 800 1333% 1200 2000%
    Vitamin D (Vitamin D-3) IU 333 83% 666 166% 1000 250%
    Vitamin E (Natural d-Alpha Vitamin E)* IU 267 889% 533 1778% 800 2667%
    Vitamin K (Phytonadione) MCG 27 33% 53 67% 80 100%
    Thiamine (Vitamin B-1) MG 50 3333% 100 6667% 150 10000%
    Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) MG 33 1961% 66 3921% 100 5882%
    Niacin (Low-flush, Fast-release B-3) MG 100 500% 200 1000% 300 1500%
    Pyridoxine (Vitamin B-6) MG 83 4167% 166 8333% 250 12500%
    Folate (=Folic Acid & Folacin) MCG 333 83% 666 167% 1000 250%
    Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B-12) MCG 333 5556% 666 11111% 1000 16667%
    Biotin (As d-Biotin) MCG 200 66% 400 133% 600 200%
    Pantothenic acid (From Calcium Pantothenate) MG 100 1000% 200 2000% 300 3000%
    Calcium (As Carbonate & Citrate) MG 417 42% 833 83% 1250 125%
    Iodine (From Kelp) MCG 75 50% 150 100% 225 150%
    Magnesium (As Oxide & Glycinate) MG 233 58% 466 117% 700 175%
    Zinc (As Oxide & Citrate) MG 13 89% 26 178% 40 267%
    Selenium (As Selenite) MCG 83 119% 166 239% 250 358%
    Copper (As Glycinate) MG 0.6 33% 1.3 67% 2 100%
    Manganese (As Sulfate & Citrate) MG 3 167% 6 333% 10 500%
    Chromium (Complexed)*** MCG 100 83% 200 167% 300 250%
    Molybdenum (Elemental) MCG 50 66% 100 133% 150 200%
    Potassium (As Chloride & Succinate) MG 33 1% 66 2% 99 3%
    *Vitamin E is in a blend of all four natural vitamin E tocopherols (alpha, beta, delta, gamma)
    **Iron pre-coated to prevent interaction with Vit. E., Calcium, Zinc, and other nutrients.
    ***From Chromium polynicotinate (Nichrome) and Chromium picolinate (Chromax II).

    *No nutritional claims are made for these ingredients.
    Amount per Serving 1 Packet 2 Packet 3 Packets
    Beta Carotene IU 5,000 10,000 15,000
    Betaine (As HCI Form) MG 33 66 100
    Bioflavonoids (From Lemon) MG 100 200 300
    Boron (Elemental) MG 1 2 3
    Catalase (Coated for 30 min. release) MG 3 6 10
    Choline (As Bitartrate) MG 150 300 450
    L-Cysteine MG 100 200 300
    Fatty Acid (Plant Stearic Acid) MG 65 130 195
    Fiber (Cellulose & Microcellulose) MG 465 930 1395
    Glutamic Acid (As HCI Form) MG 33 66 100
    L-Glutamine MG 33 66 100
    Hesperidin (From Citrus) MG 10 20 30
    Inositol (As Meso-inositol) MG 33 66 100
    Kelp MG 20 40 60
    L-Methionine MG 83 166 250
    Octacosonal MCG 666 1333 2000
    PABA (Para-Amino Benzoic Acid) MG 33 66 100
    Rose Hips (From Roses) MG 23 46 70
    Rutin (From Eucalyptus) MG 5 10 15
    S.O.D. (Coated for 30 min. release) MG 3 6 10
    Sea Trace Minerals (From Kelp)
    traces traces traces
    Silica (Elemental) MG 10 20 30
    Vanadium (From Kelp) MG 0.3 0.6 1
    Vit. E. Tocopherol (Gamma) MG 2.4 4.8 7
    Vit. E. Tocopherols (Alpha,Beta, Delta) MG 1.5 3 4.3
    Plant cellulose coating includes traces of Citrus & Vanilla flavors to reduce B-vitamin odor.
    FOR BEST RESULTS, take immediately after eating

  • 1 yellow-orange and one grey after each meal, 3 times per day

    Alternate Usages (MAY RESULT IN NIACIN FLUSH)
  • 2 yellow-orange and 2 grey after your largest meal, and 1 yellow-orange and 1 gray after another meal
    (May cause niacin flush, see Notes 1 and 2)
  • Entire packet after a full breakfast or lunch (May cause niacin flush, see Notes 1 and 2)

    TEENAGERS (13-14 years)
  • 1 yellow-orange and 1 grey after a full breakfast or lunch

    TEENAGERS (15-17 years)
  • 1 yellow-orange and 1 grey after a full breakfast and again after lunch
  • 2 yellow-orange and 2 grey after a full breakfast or lunch
  • (May cause niacin flush, see Notes 1 and 2)

    Note 1 - Taking more than 1 yellow-orange tablet at a time may result in a niacin flush
    Note 2 - Taking all grey tablets at once reduces calcium absorption.
    Dividing doses between 2 or 3 meals can improve calcium absorption up to 30%.

    Also available
    in EASY-SWALLOW versions
    Store in a cool, dry place away from light
    Tablet Appearance and Color may vary
    from batch to batch due to natural ingredients

    Disclaimer:   This website is for informational purposes only. Always check the actual product label in your possession for the most accurate ingredient information due to product changes or upgrades that may not yet be reflected on our web site. These statements made in this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you believe that you may have a disease condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner immediately, and before using any dietary supplement product.

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