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pH Test Strips

By: Brightcore Nutrition

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pH Test Strips
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pH Test Strips 80 ct Container

What is pH and why is it important?

pH (potential hydrogen) is how your bodys acidity and alkalinity are measured. The pH scale goes from 0-14, 0 being extremely acidic and 14 being very alkaline. A reading of 7.0 to 7.4 is optimal balance, with less than 7 indicating an acidic environment and greater than 7 an alkaline environment. A slightly higher alkaline level in the body has been linked to better overall health whereas an acidic level puts you at a higher risk for many health issues. When your pH is balanced, your body is able to effectively absorb and utilize important vitamins, minerals and nutrients from your diet and supplements. By managing your pH range and moving toward a more alkaline environment, you will ensure not only better health, but also that you are getting the best possible results from your nutritional program.

pH is Logarithmic / One point is a huge difference

Keep in mind when checking your results on the chart that pH works in a different way than a regular number scale. pH works logarithmically, which means for each point you drop away from or above 7.0, youre actually experiencing a 10x decrease / increase in your pH This means just one point can make an incredible difference. As an example, someone with a pH of 6.0 is ten times more acidic than someone with a pH of 7.0. Someone with a pH of 5.0 is 100 times more acidic, someone with a 4.0 is 1,000 times more acidic and so on. As you can see, just a slight change can mean a world of difference. Thankfully, Brightcore pH strips provide readings in .25 increments to give you the most accurate reading possible

Testing you pH levels with Brightcore pH Test Strips is easier than ever

You can now easily and effectively test the pH for your body just like you would the pH in a pool, fish tank or soil Brightcore pH Test Strips give you results in just 15 seconds and conveniently allow testing by saliva or urine. Our test strips use a two-color system on a single plastic strip which increases accuracy and ensures no color bleeding as you may find with the pH paper roll strips (litmus paper).

Why choose Brightcore pH test strips over the pH test paper rolls (litmus paper)?

If you are going to spend the money and time to test you pH, then I am sure you would like to ensure you are getting the most accurate reading. If that is the case, we recommend using our Brightcore pH Strips over litmus paper (pH test on a paper roll) and this is why. Brightcore pH Test Strips Do not bleed as litmus paper will Test in .25 pH unit increments Give results in only 15 seconds Come in single strips for ease of use and convenience Have a two color test system for increased accuracy

Two color test strip for increased accuracy

Brightcore pH Test Strips are made and calibrated specifically to test urine of saliva.* Because the reagents (the color squares) are affixed to a plastic strip it makes them extraordinarily convenient. Theres no paper, no bleeding, and no mess. In fact, Brightcore pH Test Strips are one of the very few test strips on the market that can pass through a urine stream without having the reagent bleed, making them exceptionally easy to read. Brightcore pH Test Strips two test color system has two squares using two different pH reagents. The top reagent is more sensitive to higher pH ranges (7.0 9.00) and the bottom reagent is more sensitive to lower pH ranges (4.5 6.75). This combination gives you an ideal reading of your pH level. Simply put, our two test color system accurately measures a narrow pH range of .25 pH increments, so youll know exactly what your pH is.

What Makes Brightcore pH Strips the best purchase option?

a. Best Value Brightcore pH strips dont just match our top competitors in quality, they also beat every one of them in price.This makes Brightcore strips the most cost effective pH test strips on the market b. Quality Brightcore pH strips are guaranteed to be the highest quality pH test strips available and give accurate results with every use. We back this with a 100% money back guarantee. c. Ease of Use Results are available in just 15 seconds and you have the option to test with either urine or saliva.Theres no paper, no bleeding, and no mess. d. Accuracy Measures using a two color system with two different reagents and reads in .25 increments for the most effective and accurate results. e. Education We offer a free, in-depth pH Food Chart based on blood type to help you get to an alkaline state. We also give a pamphlet with each box that lists full instructions and product information.

How often should I test my pH?

pH testing with strips / rolls will not give a completely accurate result as a one-off test. To get truly accurate and meaningful results, you need to test and track changes over time. We recommend testing daily for 7 days in a row with either Saliva or Urine following the instructions we provide. You will then combine all of your results, divide by 7 and this will give you the most accurate result of your true pH level. If you are on an alkalizing nutritional program, you can continue testing this way for 30 days to see your body becoming more alkaline in real time

What do the Results Mean?

The saliva tells us how effective your body is at dealing with the acidic foods you may have eaten the day and night before, and the overall ability of the body to respond to your lifestyle. It shows us how well the salivary glands (as well as the stomach, pancreas, gallbladder and liver are performing in dealing with excess acidity from diet. Saliva Goal pH you want this pH to be at least 7.0 and ideally above pH 7.2 If you are below pH 7.0 then you should follow an alkalizing diet / program to bring your body to a more alkaline state. You can find a FREE downloadable, in-depth pH food chart on our website


The first urine of the day is the pee that has been stored in your bladder overnight and is a track record of the stored alkaline buffers you have that have been working while you sleep to neutralise the acids youve consumed and that your body has created overnight through bodily functions (such as metabolism). Urine Goal pH Your first urine should be at or above pH 7.0 If you are below pH 7.0 then you should follow an alkalizing diet / program to bring your body to a more alkaline state.

Directions If Testing By Saliva As soon as you wake up, before anything else, test the pH of your saliva. Simply cover the two color squares in salvia and wait at least 15 seconds for an accurate reading. Important Do this before you put anything else in your mouth Dont clean your teeth, drink, eat or anything else. Compare your color squares against the ones listed on the included chart and find the closest match. Write down the pH level associated with your color match so you can keep track. If you want to test throughout the day, ensure you wait a minimum of 2 hours after putting anything in your mouth (water, food, etc.) before testing to get a more accurate reading. If Testing by Urine It is important to ensure when testing urine that it is your first pee of the day. This is the measure of your bodys hard overnight work. Simply ensure you cover the two color squares with urine and wait at least 15 seconds for an accurate reading. Compare your color squares against the ones listed on the included chart and find the closest match. Write down the pH level associated with your color match so you can keep track.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements, consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.

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