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Clear Skin Serum

(Manufacturer Discontinued)-Limited Inventory

30 ml
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After cleansing, apply two calibrated pumps to fingertips and smooth over face, neck, back and other affected areas. Follow with Pumpkin Renew Cream for optimal skin nutrition and sebum control. May also be used with The Perfect C Serum to further enhance Beautiful Skin Naturally.

Aqua: Distilled water.
Hamamelis extract: AKA witch hazel. Anti-inflammatory, wound healing, anti-itching, softening, with emollient properties that soothe irritated skin. From the leaves and bark of the plant.
Ethanol: Ordinary alcohol used medicinally as a topical antiseptic, astringent, and antibacterial. Obtained from grain distillation.
Aloe vera extract: Hydrating, softening, healing emollient with anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties.
Azelaic acid: Pigment emulsifier (skin lightening), inhibits tyrosinase activity. Exfoliant and pH adjustor. From Oleic acid (unsaturated fatty acid) found in milk fats.
L-lactic acid: Encourages protein softening and cell-turnover, anti-microbial, evens out discoloration, gently clarifying.
Glycerin: A humectant and emollient from plants. It absorbs moisture from the air, and helps keep moisture in creams and other products.
Salicylic acid: Softens the keratinized barrier cells, anti-bacterial, helps eliminate clogged pores, beta-hydroxy acid responsible for oxygenating and detoxifying. From pumpkin seeds.
Niacinamide: Vitamin B. Anti-inflammatory and skin stimulant.
Stone root extract: Improves capillary circulation.
Retinol: Vitamin A carotenoids with antioxidant and skin renewing properties.
Cranberry extract: Anti-bacterial, antioxidant, nourishes skin. From cranberries.
Yang ylang essential oil: Balancing, tension relieving, oil reducing, softening, smoothing, rejuvenating, calming, and soothing. Effective in the treatment of acne and eczema due to its ability to relieve stress common with these disorders.
Patchouli essential oil: Astringent, anti-inflammatory. Useful in treating acne and aging skin.
Tea tree oil: Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
L-limonene: Antibacterial, encourages oxygen penetration through skin. Essential oil from star anis, buchu leaves, caraway, celery, oranges.
Totarol: An extract of the New Zealand Totara tree with potent anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. Propionibacterium acne, the bacterium involved in acne, is particularly sensitive to this extract. Totarol is effective in the treatment of acne and rosacea.
Hydrolyzed yeast protein: Helps regulate sebum production.
Pyridoxine: Vitamin B6. Skin conditioning properties.
D-panthenol: Allantoin: Healing, soothing, and believed to aid in the healing of damaged skin by stimulating new tissue growth. Derived from the comfrey root.
D-biotin: Assists healing of acne skin.
D-beta fructan: Escorts Vitamin C to the cells, promotes better quality collagen and elastin, supplies nitrogen to the skin, strengthens the skin’s immune cells, is an amino sugar that bolsters the skin’s ability to moisturize, strengthen and generally defend itself. From glucose molecules of the Date Palm.



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  • Clear Skin Serum
    MyChelle Clear Skin Serum
    Form: Liquid
    Size: 30 ml
    Price: $33.00 $33.00